The Illumination Project℠ helps create safer communities


We strengthen and broaden collaboration of individuals, groups and organizations. There are two elements that make this possible — Illuminating Current Realities AND Creating Preferred Futures.


There are current realities of which a community is proud; others that may be difficult to discuss.  We believe that illuminating, or shedding light, on all aspects of a community leads to greater health for all.  Equally important is creating preferred futures.  We believe a community’s future needs to reflect ALL its members, drawing circles that include rather than exclude. We engage the community before, during and after inevitable challenges or even crises, lessening damaging responses while creating positive and sustainable places where people can live, work, play and learn.


Recent events have shined a light on the eroded relationships, divisive nature and even deadly interactions occurring within communities.  In the midst of these terrible problems there is a unique opportunity to write a new story, one built upon people’s goodwill, unity, and desire for productive dialogue.  We believe in living systems theory; the collective counts. A community has a voice, fears and visions.  Create a space where these can be heard and you are on the right path to creating a healthy community.


Our vision is to create a movement — 200 Illuminated Cities by the close of 2020. These projects will give voice to young and old, men and women, those of color and those who are white, different religions, sexual orientations and socio-economic classes in creating their collective future. These will be communities where police and citizens work together to create safe, enriching communities that protect the rights and support the well-being of all people. It is an audacious goal. With your help, it is possible.